Prosper with nature and push the boundary

Specialized in clean energy solutions, BESCORE controls the entire R&D, production and sales chain.

Residential ESS

To store the electric power collected from solar panel, wind turbine or grid, using for daily life.
BESCORE ESS can save your electric bill a lot, in case of peak load tariff, as well for EPS.

Commercial & Industrial ESS

Adopted modular design, BESCORE C&I energy storage system is widely used in scenarios
like manufactures, business center, IDC, base station etc...

Portable Power Station

With simplified design, BESCORE PPS is portable, multifunctional and high-capacity.
The LiFePO₄ batteries guarantee its high safety, much longer life cycles...

Energy Storage Batteries

Multi-capacity and diversified battery selection for a variety of applications Scalable battery storage module.
The modular design allows for maximum flexibility...